Class Xero

The vision of using bio-based materials in yacht building is nothing new our ancestors explored and traded across the oceans of the world in ships constructed from oak and teak timbers.

At Class Xero, we want to inspire and encourage sailors and those alike to make more informed choices and to rethink consumption. Whether you are a coastal sailor, looking to adventure across the Atlantic or simply sailing around the world sail single-handed, every mile should be eco-sustainable.

At Class Xero, sustainability and resource conservation go hand in hand with the design of this Class of carbon-neutral yacht design. Our design relies on the principles of the circular economy and the reuse of raw materials and where possible the use of bio-based materials. This means that durable, sturdy materials can be produced from supposed waste and renewable raw materials and then used to build a modern ocean-going sailing craft.

Class Xero is so passionate about our cause and is proud to support the RYA and British Marine’s thegreenblue campaign.

Class Xero takes the bio-principle to another level.

At the heart of the hull design is the use of recycled pallets, compressed coffee grounds overlayed with a unidirectional composite Flax fibre, infused with Bio-based epoxy resin and the careful selection of build materials that time has shown outlast most alternatives.


Some may consider the Class Xero too small for an ocean adventure but head out to sea in the knowledge our designers have considered ISO 12217-2 Class B offshore requirements throughout the design process.

The Angle of Vanishing Stability.


Our designers have ensured self-righting characteristics comes as standard.

Positive lateral righting moment curves demonstrate the Class Xero is unique in its class.

Drag the blue video cursor bar to the right to see the Class Xero’s stability profile in action.

Safety Vs Performance.


Whatever your upwind sailing heel angle is the Class Xero’s unique hull design ensures displacement hull performance is maintained over the full range so let your hair down, pull the sails in hard and go faster!

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Class Xero Specifications:

  • LWL 7.0m
  • Beam 3.0
  • Draft 1.6m (1.0m Lifted)
  • Sailing Displacement 1500 to 2000kg


Originally inspired by JackNbox’s CEO Craig Palmer’s Clipper Southern Ocean and offshore sailing adventures, where he has witnessed first hand the negative effects of man’s waste pollution on our living planet.

With objectives to develop a sustainable, safe ocean-going mini yacht design, that could be constructed from eco-sustainable materials.

After a 12-year period of research, custom design and testing the project is now progressing to the prototype build phase of hull X0, so come and join us and help make the world of sailing sustainable contact the Class Xero team today.


Email: info@classxero.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 7887 664120