New Partner

Class Xero is excited to welcome the technical team at Wessex Resins & Adhesives as they have been very supportive of the project. They are always there to chat on the phone.  We have discussed various ideas on how their PRO-SET epoxy products can be used in new ways towards our aim of more sustainable boat construction.  Their knowledge of bio-based composites is a great asset to the project. Together we look forward to building on our technical understanding of the next generation of sustainable sailing yachts.

Creativity and Passion

Class Xero Designer Craig Palmer and his farther hand-built trucks in their garden for Swift Transport, where his extended family Roy & Karen Steen designed and built the C Shape Racer-Cruiser yacht during the Rhodesian civil war, life and politics has moved on for the good, but with creativity and passion to make a better world firmly left in the DNA


Class Xero is proud to be a supporter of The Green Blue a joint environmental awareness programme between the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine. As a boating community, we enjoy getting out on the water and experiencing the beautiful environment around us. The Green Blue plays an important role in helping to raise awareness of key environmental issues and the best practice that recreational boaters can adopt to safeguard our marine and inland waters. For information, advice and resources on how to make your boating more sustainable visit thegreenblue.